Has the On Demand revolution and shift to consuming media online affected you positively or negatively as a student? How?

As I meander my way towards my next class, my eyes are fixated on the backlit screen of my phone, scrolling through Twitter. 

@BuzzFeed Only 26,000 seconds until the Breaking Bad season premiere

My heart flutters a bit; the thought of going home and scavenging the internet for the latest On Demand links before being on the edge of my seat, tweeting my live reactions.  

 I can’t be bothered to watch TV shows on the television.  The struggle in keeping your “8/7 central” time-slot free so you don’t miss the next episode of Supernatural as well as continuously keep with the overlapping television show on another television network, just creates a lot of unnecessary stress.  Some, like myself, would prefer to binge-watch a television series (to run through an entire series/season in one shot, rather than wait week by week for the next episode).  Some may say it’s just a TV show, which technically, it is, but it’s also something more than that.

There’s something so fascinating about being online and being in a community of people who share the same interest as you.  To outsiders of the internet, the term ‘fandom’ may be unheard of.  Fandom, is most easily define as an online community of people who are fans of things, fictional or realistic.  These ‘fandoms’ consist of a majority of television fandoms that could range from the Supernatural fandom, which are mostly found on Tumblr, to the Breaking Bad fandom, highly discussed in the subreddit /r/breakingbad.  

I love to partake in the fandoms of the internet.  Commenting, posting, re-watching, live-blogging; all of which has positively affected me both as a student and person.  This shift to online media has created easier accessibility to new information.  Nearly instantly, I can watch a video online of someone explaining explaining the Gilded Age of America and it’s affect on politics, faster than if I were to read it from a book.  I can be a maven of information and current events because online media is so rapidly produced.  

 The internet has provided so much resources in terms of emotional and educational support.  Online platforms such as The Quiet Place, allow people to exude their problems and troubling thoughts in a safe way.  Educational YouTube channels such as CrashCourse or Khan Academy, allow students, such as myself, to self learn beyond the classroom.  And, if I still have queries on any problems, online forums are there to help.  Especially for my AP Computer Science class, the online community has helped greatly.  Resources such as w3schools  has helped me with coding projects and assignments in a more communicative and efficient way.   

The world today would not be as wholly interconnected as it currently is without this shift in online media consumption.  If anything, the shift to online media has positively boosted my role as a student.  Whether it be a small or large community online, these online communities have shaped me into a more creative and open minded person.  Although some may believe ‘being online’ is a bad thing, I think online media should be embraced.  For it can greatly open the minds and positively enhance the life of many.